Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Didn't realize the girlfriend is as crazy over cheese as I am. Both of us prefer the semi-hard cheeses. I simply love geitost (definitely buying a few tubs home). The selection of cheeses here cause me to swoon a couple of times. I want to hug those giant blocks of cheeses. This trip, we revived an old standing tradition of sorority houses. Not the booze and weed parties. Midnight suppers and late-night tv. Hehehehe. We definitely did better than instant noodles. Thank goodness this woman wasn't my college-mate or room-mate. Otherwise, I would never have been able to get any sort of essays written and submitted or even get much sleep!

She made me sit through my first-ever episodes of 'Sherlock'. Yes, that one. With Benedict Cumberbatch. Ermm...okayyy. I was really watching it for Martin Freeman. Trying to forget he's Bilbo Baggins is one thing. I kept looking at this John Watson's shoes, expecting to see a pair of hairy feet. Couldn't rid the images of him as Lester Nygaard in the just-ended-S1 television adaptation of Coen Brothers' 'Fargo' or get over his Minnesota accent versus his actual British accent. The girlfriend definitely watches more British productions than I do. I'm a total American tv junkie.

Okay, midnight suppers don't mean instant noodles. There's practically no instant noodles in her kitchen. We do cheese and crackers! Never mind the wine or beer. We aren't that alcoholic. No photos of cheeses on fantastic crackers with tart jam, berries and figs. You know why they're lost. We had a crazy good time gobbling up all those cheeses in the nights. Mmmm. Also, fab multi-grain bread and cheese work very well in the afternoons for tea, or even as a light lunch.

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