Thursday, September 18, 2014


A relaxing Saturday meant we simply wandered downtown without a firm plan except to pop into Astrup Fearnley Museet. Wanted to see the contemporary artists of the day curated by the museum and the acquired collection. That visit, we were enlightened about the painterly aspects of art criticism and artistic styles. It resulted in us utilizing the word 'painterly' and describing just about everything with it all weekend. Juvenile I know, but so fun.

Needed to eat and decided on Onda. Didn't make a reservation but the restaurant was practically empty when we walked in at 1.30pm. More people came in later when we were leaving. Service was adequate, but nothing that blew my mind away. So far at all the restaurants, service has been lukewarm, something not unfamiliar to Singaporeans. :P I love those chairs at Onda- the Varier Invite by Norwegian designer Olav Eldøy. The restaurant's version comes in wool and polyamide, and an untreated solid oak base. I love how it moves and tilts. It's so comfortable for the back and my butt fits nicely onto it.

The restaurants in Oslo seem to focus more on shellfish than fish, unless they're specifically a seafood restaurant and offers no other meat. I'm almost disappointed with the offerings of fish here. Very few choices, oddly. I'd go as far to say that the salmon in Norway isn't as beautifully cooked or as exciting as what Seattle or Portland offers.  Haven't found the flavors I'm looking for in lightly pan-seared salmon. I'd stick to gravlaks here (we spell it as 'gravlax'). Those are great as forretter. On many days, I like it as a hovedrett.

Couldn't eat that much at lunch. Shared everything. Loved the lobster salad with sugar snaps, parmesan and creamy mussel dressing. They didn't overdo the cream in the dressing. The entire salad felt light. Perfect. The fillet of black cod was beautifully done, lightly seared brown on the outside and peeled away moist. Had a salmon tartare too. Just because.

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