Saturday, October 11, 2014

She's Turned Six

Dunno where to put my face now. Lil'Missy announced to the whole world that she was going skating with me on her birthday and proudly said she would...skip school. o.O This would probably be the last time she could skip school just like that. Next year, she'll be in Primary One and that's kinda official eh. No random skipping of school to go play. I think in some circles, they call that 'truancy'.

Her parents requested for no birthday gifts to be purchased for Missy. I respected and abided by that. The one thing I could give Missy, is time. As much as I enjoy having the girlfriend to myself, time is also allocated to her daughter, this birthday girl. When she starts Primary school, I'd see her a lot less. If my friendship with a little girl's mother isn't strong enough, there's very little reason to take to the child; although it's as much the children's prerogative to decide which adults they don't mind hanging out with.

All photos courtesy of a hardworking A with the camera.

Missy knows Aunty Imp will drop many things to come play if she asks. Nothing made me happier than to see the wide grins on both Y and Missy as they carefully glided round the ice rink. Much joy in the process of acquiring a skill. It was Y's special day too. Y's husband A, sat out on this activity, cheered on the girls, and grabbed photos from the gallery. Heh. He bought us all lunch, dessert and coffee. Woot. The gentleman.

I've seen Missy grow from yea big to this tall. Saw all the tantrums, meltdowns and peevish-ness. She's doing great. Her parents have raised her to be a generally unselfish and thoughtful youngling. May she continue to live in God's grace and keep the faith. As she steps into a microcosm that's more complex than kindergarten, may she not find the world cruel.

Happy Birthday, sweetheart. You're all of six now. I wish you many blessings in life and smiles after the tears.


tuti said...

she's so tall now, and standing with such grace. growing up so well, lovely! happy birthday to your friend's kiddo!

Missus Tay said...

i think the extension of friendship is really wonderful - how she likes hanging out with you and vice versa!

Su-Lin said...

You are special, Imp! We know it .

imp said...

tuti: thanks for the wishes. Y reads this blog and will be glad to read your words. :)

missustay: only if Missy decides so! Otherwise i'll look like this scary monster trying to pinch her cheeks and be forever scared. Kekekeke.

Su Lin: awwww. :)