Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Over Merlot and Amber Ale

I always look forward to sitting down with these two dear friends, be it over a long dinner or quick coffee. I can quite easily catch them one-on-one, but to do something together needs a bit of planning. Sometimes weeks in advance, and occasionally, like this evening, an impromptu meeting just because we happened to text one another and mentioned about not having dinner plans. Heh.

Absolutely grateful for S and A. Realized I've known them for a decade now, almost to the month. It isn't something I keep track of. It just popped into the mind. Heh. Time isn't really a factor in building strong friendships built. The intensity of shared experiences would do that. But time, is a soothing balm to sieve out sincerity. S and A, they keep me sane and chirpy.

If, on the strange path of life,
you happen to meet any of the sisters
Truth, Love or Beauty, follow them closely. 
~ An excerpt from 'Just Some Found Words', from Aaron Lee's newly published third poetry collection, Coastlands.      

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