Thursday, November 06, 2014

See Lah, So Much Food!

Easily one of my favorite lunch venues- Kailash Parbat, the outlet at Belilios Road. Great food, vegetarian, wide variety, convenient location, friendly staff. I like popping in here regularly.

I need spices and sambal-something in between jaunts to cities that don't offer those stuff. Luckily for available chilli padi on those trips to stem cravings. No Sichuan pepper or mala-anything, thank you. But chilli padi or peppers aren't comparable to these gorgeous layers of spices. Love all those flavors and colors I get at this restaurant where they don't chase us out when we linger over lunch.

I seem to only meet people whose company I truly enjoy at this restaurant. Well, of course, but you know I don't schmooze. Beyond my immediate tiny social circle which I treasure, I rarely bother being friendly. Dislike large group gatherings and I don't welcome meeting people to specifically schmooze. Such a chore. Kailash Parbat is one of those restaurants that's cool to hang out with people whose conversation and company I am totally at ease with.

You know, ladies, our eyes are truly bigger than our stomachs. I was dubious. D and P were ridiculously and merrily confident that we could clean out the table at this lunch. I was like no no no no no, and they were like, totally yes yes yes yes yesYeah, right. Should have taken a bet on whether we could finish that second basket of naan. Hahahaha. Next time, we should just order four types of chaats and call it a meal. Besides avoiding the gorgeous pilafs, we might also have to skip naan. I've never ever left Kailash Parbat without a to-go pack of leftovers that would be still fantastic to nom on the next day! 

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