Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Spiste Gravlaks!

Thawed out my last precious piece of cured salmon from Oslo's Maschmanns Matmarked. Didn't think it should be kept till Christmas. :P Nibbled on it for dinner to refresh our memories of how cured and smoked salmon taste like in Oslo and Seattle.

The sealed pack was chockful of dill. Smelt delicious. Stared at the words on the packaging. When I bought it along with a trolley of other items, I only saw one sentence- "gravlaks økologisk", which just meant organic cured salmon. Now, I noticed "hveteøl stykke", which confused me because clearly, while I read it to be 'a piece of beer', wheat beer to be precise, the 'style' threw me off. You know 'øl' is beer. Aiyoh. Need to get used to Norsk phrasing. I assumed it meant the salmon was cured in wheat beer. Later on, N helped me out with the phrasing and confirmed it to be so.

There was perfectly toasted rye bread. Skipped the mustard. A drizzle of lemon juice, pepper and onions would do nicely. Could have picked a lighter beer. But it had been a long day at work, and the tastebuds wanted something stronger. The salmon tasted so good with Nøgne Ø's Imperial Stout.

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