Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Staying In On A Rainy Afternoon

Met B for lunch and thought if the weather held, we could head out to the playground for her girls to run around. As it turned out, it rained all afternoon, and we stayed indoors all snug and warm. My iPad holds only three games. Handed it over to the girls and let them figure it out how the games go. I didn't delete 'Cut The Rope'; they found it, and somehow, the two of them hit levels that I've not cleared. Waah.

Now that primary school's started for the elder daughter and my schedule isn't as relaxed, I don't get to see B often. Obviously the older girl is more familiar with me and grinned widely. I don't know the little one since I rarely spend time with her. At least she didn't bawl when I made faces at her. The girls went to clay class and specially made me two tiny cups. Hand-pinched. They etched their names into the bottom of the cups and were proud of their work. Heh. Me too! Proud of their thoughtfulness!

Tested the cups- they don't leak or crack and could take the heat of almost-boiling water. Useful and very cute indeed. Had two neighbors over for a chat about some Christmas luncheons that I won't be part of, but am happy contributing some stuff to. The ladies asked for a teeny bit of strong tea and coffee with no milk or sugar. Perfect. Pulled an espresso and steeped a Japanese kabusecha, and poured them into these cheerful cups.

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