Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A Bottle of Whisky

We've been having loads of beer on this trip. Bits of WA gin and small batch bourbon imbibed, but not so much of single malts. The prices aren't that prohibitive. It's more of how we could get a wider range of single malts in Singapore, and that's what we mainly drink at home anyway. So when we're traveling, tasting the local drafts and spirits would be much more exciting.

Still, it's such a pleasure to be gifted a bottle of single malt that uhhh...would be finished even before we made our way home. Obviously our dear friends know that we haven't had much single malts so far and thought it would be nice to have an easy bottle with a high chance of finishing it in LA. SO CLEVER LOR. We've more than enough luggage space, but yeah, why carry it when we can savor and finish it riiight. Aiiight, people.  

They aptly chose an unpeated slightly sweet Balvenie Doublewood 17y.o. Fantastic for a quick dram without having to bother with ice. It opens up nicely with a touch of water. Doesn't need ice to ameliorate any fiery ABVs. It isn't cask strength. 43% is simply beautiful. Our room holds a spacious sitting area with a great view across West Hollywood. It's nice to chill out at sunset with a dram from the bottle by ourselves, or with the friends in quiet conversation.


Unknown said...

Looks and sounds good! Am sure that bear stole a sip or two as well. ;)


imp said...

The bears. Axis was involved.