Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Breakfast Options

It does look like a strange
McD's Sausage McGriddle or McMuffin. 

The man needs his morning meal. I can usually skip it till the mid-day meal comes along. But heading out to breakfast is especially a thing on holidays. For me, the purpose is not so much to eat, it's to check out new places, vibes and stuff like that.

I've never learnt to eat biscuits and gravy. It's just something I can't do. Dunno why it keeps appearing on breakfast menus. Whatever. My makan companions can have them. I've been eating loads of bagels for lunch. Can't even finish half a bagel on most days. Need to share. I miss müslibolle. No bagel can replace that. But I was thrilled when some bakeries in King County and LA offered geitost with my bagel. It's not müslibolle, but it will do.

I eat very little in the mornings. Coffee sure. A juice is fine. An egg could be heavy unless it's just soft-boiled or hard-boiled. Can't quite deal with scrambled eggs if the stomach isn't awake. If I have to eat because we'd be walking loads after or heading out to run or something, then breakfast should be clean and tiny. Something not greasy or sweet. Fruits, muesli, granola and yoghurt work, although they don't have to all appear on the same plate. The good thing is, our hotels have obligingly sent up a separate empty fridge so that I could store bottles of juices, yoghurt and punnets of fruits hauled back from the farmers' markets. Awesome. Great to nibble on in the early hours of the morning when I wake to watch the sunrise or catch up on news at home.

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