Sunday, December 07, 2014

Kedai Makan

Dammit, I miss Asian spices. Peppers, hot sauces and jalapeños don't cut it. Dried chillies are nice enough. But I want sambal-something quite desperately.

Kevin Burzell and his partner Alysson Wilson didn't dumb down the spices of their menu selections. Happiness. Sure, it's a different interpretation from what I'm used to. But this is Seattle and they're making food from memories. It's like eating food from a friend's kitchen. Really decent stuff. The sambal, while not deeply complex, hits a spot. They said they made it in-house, and called it 'sambal goreng', which confuses the hell out of me. Any Singaporean/Malaysian would know that it simply means 'fried sambal/chillies' or something with sambal and stir-fried tofu or something. But yeah, it's technically correct, as in, one fries up sambal belachan or sambal terasi. Whatever. Kedai Makan's sambal-whatever rocks.

Just as well we had a few late nights that saw late dinners and it meant we had a chance to pop up to Kedai Makan to do a take-out. Perfect that it opens till 11pm on weekdays and 2.30am on weekends. I think you could eat in next door at Montana bar. Otherwise, standing around for a quick nibble on a non-chilly day works too. We boxed everything back for a hotel room feast. Insanely more satisfying than ordering room service. Hurhurhur.

One of my favorite items has got to be the roti canai with dhaal. Beautifully crispy yet fluffy, the roti is properly shiok. The dhaal is spicy enough too. Mmm. Ordered a nasi goreng the other evening just because I wanted something to go with the sambal. Rice and an egg were perfect to eat that sambal with. Each time, once the sambal was finished, I was also done with the meal.

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