Saturday, January 31, 2015

Refretting the '74 Tele Deluxe

I'll never be in a band. Don't have what it takes to play nice with other people and remember everyone's parts or my parts without a score. So I play little bits of random things here and there. Not going to put out any originals. Long past that. I just appreciate what other musicians have done, listen to their music and buy their albums. We've plenty of good songs across all genres nowadays, compared to that sad dry soulless period when we were growing up and that era where the government had a crazy distrust of musicians and discriminated against men with long hair.

My choice of musical instrument has always been the piano, as long as it doesn't involve classical pieces. The guitar is not something I'm great at, but will do for easy three-chord songs. I have slowly and insidiously appropriated all the man's Teles. Noticed that he doesn't use a Tele for his usual music which now leans towards progressive, post and ambient rock. Somehow I like the feel and sound on a Tele, especially when piped through a Mesa. I don't need a crazy pedal set-up like what the man has. I only need four standard pedals. Call it old-fashioned; I still like the combination of a wah, a chorus and a reverb. If need be, I'll steal borrow a distortion or an overdrive. Also, TC Electronics' Flashback Delay is a fun thingamajig.

The 1974 Tele Deluxe is uhhh just a bit older than me. The only Tele that doesn't sound like one. Beyond swopping out strings, we haven't done anything to it since the man bought it off a good pal in 2008. By now, after a fair bit of usage, it needed refretting. Of course we're not doing it ourselves. Goose, the good man and tech-whizz extraordinaire at gooseoniqueworx sorted that out beautifully. The man and I trust him with any guitar and all amps. This Tele now plays better than before. It sounds so rich and velvety all over again.

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