Thursday, January 29, 2015

The MIL Buys Me Orange Boxes

I teased the man, that he's really lucky that I don't bug him about gifts for me. His mom sorts that out fully. I simply appropriate all his Telecasters. Heh. Well, I'm perfectly capable of buying my own bags and whatever, but his mom, has fully taken over that function for me too. There isn't any need to even step into the malls at all. Yes, I like bags enough, but not obsessed over it. The mom keeps me updated on all fashion happenings. She has even somehow managed to find three stylish totes that could double up as practical camera bags when I place Aide de Camp's Bailey insert within.

The MIL has singlehandedly and splendidly filled up my whole cupboard with the iconic orange boxes from the fashion house. Mainly belts, scarves and many many bags from the local outlets and from her overseas jaunts. She's super sweet lah. She knows I'm not keen on its shoes, bracelets, pouches or wallets. She generously buys bags for me. Whatever the MIL has, she insists that I have a version of it too, especially when she knows I always pick out a different color from her. I go for boring colors. We don't share bags. She offers to pass me a bag each time she spies me heading out, but I rarely take her up on it.

The bag cupboard has become a collection of monotones. Hahaha. Even for the scarves. I prefer Hermès' solid colors and none of those floral stuff or prints. Even before the MIL returned from this trip, she already sent along a box as "a mid-trip hello", the note said. :) A cheerful new scarf in one solid color. WOOT.


tuti said...

uber sweet, the MIL.
you're very nice too. to certain people, haha. nah, i'm kidding. you're a good imp. i like you. :)

imp said...

you're too kind. :)