Tuesday, February 03, 2015

A Bear On Vacation

My not-so-secret love for teddy bears is indulged by very few people, namely those I see often. They occasionally buy me bears, only if they spot a cute plushie. Not all bears sitting on the shops' shelves are cute. Yeah, I still hug a bear to sleep. V bought a bear for me six years ago. Woot. Was kinda reluctant to take this one along on trips because he's quite big and takes up space. For some reason, the man likes this bear too. He now insists that the bear and his friends (other bears, cows and assorted animals) come along for vacations. I've given up and simply pack all of them cuddlies into the suitcases. Oof.

Currently, there isn't a cutie sitting in V's car. Sent a big bear to accompany V on her drives for the week. Hahaha. She didn't mind the bear hanging out. She actually entertained me by sending photos updates about how the bear was doing. The bear's feeling really smug that he got to sit in the passenger seat all by himself for a few rides.

Dates were fixed to drop off and pick up the bear. LOL. The food was incidental. Heh. It fit our mealtimes lah. Of course it was fabulous chatting with V. Always. Our schedules this quarter are crazy. But it isn't difficult to find common dates or timings to chill out. She's a gem. I appreciate how our schedules can still complement each other's, year on year, and we find time to constantly renew the friendship. 


Cavalock said...

Any suggestions on what to do with a dozen old (at least 50 or 60 years-old) but remarkably clean teddy bears? ;)

jo said...

Looks like you're having a beary fun holiday! :p

imp said...

cavalock: if you're not keeping them, how about sending them to the Mint Museum of Toys? Or sell them on eBay?

jo: hehehehehe.