Saturday, February 14, 2015

Many Presents

I took the bouquet of gorgeous wildflowers, gave Y a big hug, and grimaced. "Please don't tell me you spent extra on these flowers because the florists jacked up prices this week!" Y assured me she didn't. It was a bouquet from her regular florist who didn't charge her extra for this bunch. Whewwww. I'm not the biggest fan of flowers like say, tulips, roses, lilies, daisies, sunflowers or whatever, and will most certainly not bother about buying them this week, of all weeks in the year. I like wildflowers fine, but it's not quite possible to randomly pick them in the woods in Singapore. Love rustic bouquets. Y had a beautiful cotton-lace ribbon tied round the stalks to form the bouquet.

Of course we got to dessert. The girls had space for two cakes! One as requested by Lil'Missy, and another that was a pleasant surprise sent over courtesy of Y's friends who were coincidentally at the restaurant too. This date included Lil'Missy who zoomed to town straight from school. She excitedly showed me what she learnt in January's classes. Then, as little girls do, they get bored of sitting down. So we went running round and round the rather empty mall. It was a casual day in the office, so I had on flats with rubber soles. Fine for zipping around with a little one, and keeping five steps behind so she kinda won every round. Hahaha.

It was just in time to wish Y for her birthday too. :) She said "No presents please." I conveniently ignored that and prepped a small token cute and practical. She had a fantastic retort. She and the husband conspired and baked a big jar of granola bars for the man and I. There were the wildflowers she picked out and put together; she also bought me a gorgeous filet from Filt. I had one till it broke apart from years of usage. This new filet is perfect for my everyday. xxxooo The color palette of the bouquet and net was simply pleasing. Found a complementary wall. Had to ask Y to help me take a photo. Heeeeee. Happiness, much.

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