Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Besides mac 'n' cheese and mashed potatoes, I'm also crazy over poutine. Cheese curds. OMG. One cannot anyhowly replace cheese curds with mozzarella. The melt isn't the same. That saltiness won't be right. The worst one could do is to use cheddar or Kraft. Eeeks. It can only be cheese curds.

The darling friends received a shipment of cheese curds and immediately called for a Poutine Night. Yes yes yes! These cheese curds are precious. They don't keep and must be eaten asap. Heh. Any reason to indulge in a ridiculous amount of this kind of saturated fats. Aiiight.

When we got to the friends' house, the deep-fryer was happily humming, and the first batch of twice-fried chips were ready. Thick chunks of potato. My stomach growled. Potato and cheese. LOVE. How the fries are done is also important. I guess everyone likes their fries in different ways. I like it slightly thick than shoestring, and with a bit of skin. The friends did it in this exact way. Gorgeousness. The gravy isn't difficult to boil up; it's loads of stirring though, and balancing the texture. Yummy beef stock ought to be used. Cheese curds are salty, so the gravy should be rich and hearty, but not salty. There was dessert of apple crumble and dark chocolate tart. Ahhh. L halved the sugar the recipe demanded, and made the apple crumble tangy and all juicy inside. Delicious.

Also grilled up flank steaks to go along with the meal and bits of tangy tomato-vodka penne pasta. A very filling dinner. The friends' version of poutine is SO GOOD. I had seconds and thirds. It's definitely one of the best I've had. Bacon bits are optional, but they do add dimension to the flavors of cheese and potato. Vegetarian poutine is just as delicious. YUM YUM. Comfort food. Thank you so much for feeding us!

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