Thursday, February 12, 2015

Quick Hugs and Laughter

I was between work appointments and on my way across town when the girlfriends texted about grabbing coffee. Oh yes! I was also planning to stop somewhere for coffee. It was awesome that all our schedules matched for a quick one. What a bright spark in the week.

Loved it that C's little girls could come along too. Hadn't seen the little ones for a while. Okay, I'm super fond of the older girl. Heh. I totally miss chatting with her, what with this quarter's work schedule and all that. The younger one is super sweet and cute, but it's just a time-thing. I've spent a lot more time with the older girl; naturally I've come to adore her just a teeny-weeny bit more. She would still merrily place her hand trustingly in mine and drag me off to run around. What a sweetheart.

The little ones put away two pain au chocolat. We adults marveled at their stomach space. Everyone got their dose of caffeine. Lots of chatter. Played hilarious games. We split within the hour. What a random fun catch-up. It's not as though we don't see one another often. We try and we do see one another regularly. But we love impromptu meetings. This one made my day.

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