Wednesday, March 11, 2015

An Easy Mosaic Print in Blue and Grey and Tulle

This dress is a precious gift. I've worn it all of thrice so far. Cut out from a pleasing subtle easy mosaic print of blue and grey in 100% cotton, this dress falls into my usual color spectrum. I was very worried about that grey-blue tulle. I rarely touch tulle outside of the dance studio because it's really unflattering for my figure. Knowing how clumsy I am, there's a chance it could be shredded at each wearing.

Handmade with love by three beautiful people with such big hearts and talent, I was overwhelmed with this special gift. I never dared to ask Y to make me a dress because she makes clothes only in tiny-people-sizes. No words could describe how touched I was to receive the dress. It isn't made in big-people-sizes. They made one. Just this. THE ONLY ONE. The dear girlfriend has designed many dresses for little girls and shirts for little boys, and till today, didn't even make any for herself. Felt bad that she used up so much fabric for mine. She's completely out of this fabric now and doesn't plan to do repeats. Oops. Three little ones could have gotten extra dresses or shirts out of mine...

It's uncanny how Y and her mother-in-law (who sews so nimbly) got my sizes down pat, and they knew how the dress would sit on an adult. They even lengthened the top and lowered the waistline of the dress to fall at the hips because I don't like A-line bottoms. It's awesome. Her little girl was there when she gave me the dress. It tickles Lil'Missy to know that we share some beautiful hand-sewn pieces of clothing.

You could accessorize with anything. Since a pearl button is affixed to close the scallop collar at the back, I followed suit and recently wore pearls with it. A pair of lapis-lazuli and cultivated freshwater pearl earrings, and a classic cut of natural pearl and diamonds on the finger. I like wearing this dress best with Mary Janes from Doc Martens. This dress makes me want to run and jump and twirl. Round and round and round; grinning and giggling. As it should be. Thank you, you, you, you and you (can't miss out the dog).


D said...

what a lovely dress! i love the low waistline too! lucky Imp! :)

imp said...