Friday, March 13, 2015

El Mero Mero

Yay. Aside from Casa Latina, found another decent Mexican restaurant in town. It's been consistent for these few months, wheww. When the parentals got in after yet another jaunt out, we took them to lunch at El Mero Mero.

No complaints from the parentals about El Mero Mero. They enjoyed it. The parentals cannot do hipster new restaurants in the stark sort of industrial decor because the chairs are too uncomfortable for them, too high and too small for the butt, and often have no backs. When these restaurants are located in hard-to-find-parking areas, the parentals aren't going. We need to recce dining venues for family meals like the way we do for work luncheons and events, check out details right down to the air-conditioning vents and the direction of air-flow. Quite the usual, I suppose, if I don't get out of work mode. -_- We all have different dining expectations that need to meet in the middle in order to have a comfortable meal.

We rolled eyes when the man's dad joked about asking for a bread basket and tomato sauce. Well, he wasn't exactly joking. He doesn't do spicy well, and eats everything with bread and tomato sauce. Zzzz. Anyway, El Mero Mero doesn't serve either. It doesn't have to. It's a modern Mexican restaurant, not American. It's awesome that they've partnered Comcrop to grow a few necessary ingredients required in their kitchen, say habanero peppers and tomatillos. Sauces and salsas are made fresh in-house, and taste great. Different from those that come out of a bottle. Good wild fish tacos that usually use a red snapper. Awesome guacamole. I love it! Helmed by Chef Remy Lefebvre, the food here is executed much better than its other cousin Señor Taco which is located in the rather irritating Clarke Quay. El Mero Mero at Chijmes has a better vibe and a clean and crisp contemporary touch to all the dishes.


Unknown said...

Looks and sounds really good! Ha my eyes instantly picked up on that lovely green in the bottom left corner. Must check it out soon. :D


imp said...

that guac is awesome!