Friday, March 06, 2015

Flap Steak at Morsels

It's been a while since we last had a meal at Morsels. Two years on, since the restaurant opened, and my favorite dish of all is still their grilled octopus on squid ink risotto, garnished with salted egg yolk sauce. Happy to see it still on the menu. I was tickled that my beer came with its bottle-cap tight. Now, I don't know if it's one of those twist-caps, but I'm not going to risk tearing nails or fingers by twisting off any bottle cap. Luckily, since we're such alcoholics, the man had a tool on his keychain that doubles up as a bottle opener. Heh.

Beef is possibly my favorite meat, next to reindeer. Undecided about duck. I'm one of those who don't appreciate wagyu, and in fact hate it, along with striploin. Hate that marbling and melt. Like how I'm not a fan of otoro or chutoro. If I'm using my meat quota, I'd rather ribeye, flank, rump and flap. I refuse to call it 'bavette' because it doesn't mean the same in US and Europe. Flap is flap.

Morsels offered bavette on the menu that evening. Okay. FLAP. We love sitting at the bar at the restaurant. Watching food being cooked is really interesting, to us. The best part of the meal is to watch the meat being prepped and grilled and we knew it would turn out good simply by watching. Hehehe. The flap steak came sliced and beautifully grilled medium rare.

Keep going at this, guys. You churn out fabulous food. Each meal is so good. We love it that you're feeding us well.

The gorgeous flap steak.

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