Monday, March 02, 2015

'Shadow People'

Already read James Swain's 2012 'Dark Magic', the so-called first book in this series of stage-magician-real-psychic 'Peter Warlock'. It's one of those supernatural/fantasy series that I'm not bothered to seek out the second book or whatever because it's just a fun read, but not compelling. Séances, psychics, detectives, serial killers, organized crime.

At the library, I randomly chanced upon the second book in the series published in 2013, 'Shadow People'. Checked it out, finished it over a long lunch, shuddered and promptly returned it. It's very uhh...YA fiction leh. Annoying wimpy protagonist and and his even more irritating vapid girlfriend. Hahahaha. There'll be a third book. I'm gonna pass on that. (Reviews here, here and here.)

The number of typos and grammar errors in this hardbound 2013 Tor edition is astounding. So many jumped out when I wasn't even looking for them. On page 72, An FBI sketch artist named Roe somehow became 'Rose' and then back to 'Roe'. On page 92, in a meeting of psychics and magicians, Max Romeo, a magician versed in the tricks of legerdemain said "Here, here," instead of 'Hear, hear'. These are only two that I'm flagging. The first two out of many in a book with 351 pages. Wah lau eh. By page 351, I wasn't sure if I wanted to pinch the writer or the proofreader, or both. The latter isn't very thorough. These lapses are annoying. Luckily I borrowed this book from the library and didn't pay a cent for it. Otherwise, what do I do with a copy that I can't in good conscience pass it on to the friends? Here's how it goes at the end of this story. Go on, spot another typo.

Liza had run out of patience, and she gazed out the window at the passing scenery. "When are things ever going back to normal? I feel like a puppet being jerked around on a string. First I get yanked one way, then another. This isn't right, Peter." 
"Our lives used to be dull, You even complained about it once."  
She frowned at him. "Our lives are out of control, I don't know what normal is anymore. You're going to have to make a decision." 
"I am?" 
"Yes. Do you want to be a psychic who runs around helping the FBI solve crimes, or do you want to be in love with me? You can't have both." 
"I can't?" 
"No. I've reached my limit."

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