Friday, April 03, 2015


V had a dance performance and asked me out for a quick coffee in the late afternoon between dry runs and the show itself. She said that the organizers tapau-ed some sort of dinner and didn't need food. I had a crazy morning of sorting out the oldies on the roster. But there was enough time to grab a black chicken and thaw out prepped-fish-maw to boil up a pot of soup. Hehehehehehe. It would be nice for her to have soup to go along with a boxed meal.

It was an odd choice of a gift to wish V well for her performance. I thought it would be more practical than a bouquet of flowers when she already had to wrestle with so many bags, shoes, costumes and going-ons in the dressing room. The thermos flask was slightly more portable and could be stuffed in a bag to be added on to her dunno-who-packed-from-dunno-where dinner, or to be had as supper.

Along with the meat, I also grabbed a head of wong bok cabbage, it would randomly be a pot of 'ginseng, fish maw, cabbage and black chicken' soup, '人參大白菜魚鰾黒雞燉湯'. Something more savory than sweet. Pull out the tureen, filled it up and double-boiled it. Yay. #impieCooks2015 After straining out soup into the flask, I placed bits of the ingredients in a separate tub in case she wanted to nibble; added greens and tomatoes and sprinkled bits of pepper over, but I forgot the salt. Oops. The ingredients rarely hold much flavors after being boiled out. Hopefully it would be tastier than a tapau-ed-from-dunno-where dinner.


coboypb said...

A soup that warmed the heart :)

imp said...


Unknown said...

It was definitely tastier than the packed dinner and full of love!

Muacks! :)


imp said...

bmuse: yayyy!