Thursday, April 09, 2015

Eventually I'll Learn How to Cook

Yes, cooking is an essential life skill. Most people cook. It's only a matter of how well, right? And what defines a 'good cook' is totally subjective. Methinks when I can cook a decent dish of not-too-oily rich-tasting ikan or ayam buah keluak, only then could I consider that I could cook. Well, one day. Skeptical much.

Meanwhile, I shameless accept all gifts of food.  = Awesome. This heating-up of food is ridiculously convenient. Almost instant, but quick and nutritious in the sense that they're less processed than a pack of instant noodles and the sorts. The gifts go into the freezer and stay fresh suspended in the cold. They don't seem to require all that much time to thaw out in a steamer. I still love the microwave but sometimes, the food calls for a slow heat over the stove to keep all its flavors.

Work is in full swing. I'm winding down two projects and beginning another three. They will fill up my schedule and take me crazy-busy till August. While it's all fun, the element of human interaction is exhausting. I'm really not sociable. Came back at 10pm one night from long meetings and was more hungry than tired. Didn't bother to eat at this supposed-dinner-meeting. My mind was too pre-occupied to eat. Had a salad and simply poked at it. Assembled a late dinner for myself. Stir-fried up easy bok choi with a ton of garlic and shallots. Popped open a bottle of tiny abalones and put them in the steamer with yet another batch of buah keluak from another girlfriend. Ate it with a ton of extra spicy good homemade sambal belachan. Superbly satisfying.

Supermama's latest addition in 'Artefacts Classics- The Merlion Set'.


D said...

very late dinner you have there, and with rice! but your portion is small. my dinner portion would be at least double of yours. ;P

imp said...

I did have a salad of sorts prior. Hehe. I can't eat very much at dinner anymore. Oddly, too much food keeps me awake at night. I think must be a slower metabolism rate. :p