Tuesday, April 07, 2015

O for a Pint of Creamy Guinness!

It's rather sad that no pubs in Singapore that have Guinness on tap tweak it to the sort of creamy rich goodness that we get in England's pubs. That's what I call dessert. Don't even need to mention Dublin or Belfast. Haizzz. Although, the further north of England we go, the better the pints of Guinness.

Currently, Molly Malone's at Boat Quay serves up the most acceptable pint of Guinness in town. Trust us. That would be mainly why we still hang out at Boat Quay. We're more than a wee bit alcoholic. There're pubs who shamelessly serve up rather terrible thin and almost sour pints. Inconceivable and unacceptable. Tsk. I wonder if the staff would drink it. The other bar that does a good one is Hood Bar at Bugis+; you'll need to like indie bands and very loud music.

It was a good evening out with the friends. Well, not like I don't see them often. I do, separately or in twos and threes. Not often everyone could make a date. Nice to have everyone get a bowl of noodles at Takumen, then grab a pint of Guinness together at Molly Malone down the road. When the drinks arrived, I cackled. Dunno who those two ciders belonged to lah. Disown. >.< Totally spoilt my shot. This was a full table of whisky-drinkers who also love a good stout or porter, and two clowns decided to have cider.

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