Wednesday, April 22, 2015

So 'It's Crazier about Crabs'!

After a funny mix-up about the location of ParkRoyal's 'Crazy for Crayfish and Crabs' and Park Hotel's 'Crazier about Crabs', we discovered that we were indeed firmly booked at Park Hotel at Unity Street, and not the former on Beach Road. I was left bewildered when the venue came to me as Brizo, because that's not the name of the restaurant at ParkRoyal on Beach Road. A quick Google confirmed what I thought. I didn't catch it earlier because it was filtered down to me by the dearest no-sense-of-direction-partner, and I wasn't in the whatsapp group chats. (I tend to delete group chats very quickly.) Hahahah. Actually, I was looking for credit card discounts (don't call me 'auntie') when I realized we all got the wrong venue. Luckily it was caught in time to update everyone to re-work travel routes to Park Hotel instead.

Apparently it's some annual thing done by both hotel groups, and sell out really fast. ParkRoyal's doing it for the month of April. Park Hotel's offerings last till June. Good for diners who get a choice to feast at both venues. I rarely do buffets since I never eat that much. *shrug* Whatever tickles the friends' fancy. I like Asian sauces with seafood. Something sambal, garlic or black pepper on crabs and crayfish get my vote. Not like I'm a huge fan, but can lah. The chilli and spices are always welcomed. Quite yummy, especially when I popped a strong antihistamine before the meal. Otherwise, I could eat...nothing.

There were indeed crabs done in a variety of ways. Masala, laksa, and the usual chilli and black pepper. Decent-sized crabs, fairly sweet meat. Our table eyeballed the salted egg crab. The huge tray was replenished thrice that evening over three hours even though it wasn't that crowded. Heeeheeee. A pity those nicely deep-fried tiny mantou weren't kept warm. Cold. Eeeeks. Didn't do a good job of mopping up sauces. The table steadily chomped through at least three crabs each. I wasn't so enthusiastic. That was the most crabs I've eaten in one sitting. One crab. Only because it held salted egg. The black pepper was delicious too. I was also very busy licking off every drop of salted egg.

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