Friday, April 24, 2015

Sugar That Day

Between meetings, I zipped into town to meet R for a cup of coffee and to satisfy her sugar cravings at Janice Wong. She had a lunch meeting and clearly the food was unsatisfying. Hahaha. She saw the need for good dessert.

She picked out the big tiramisu éclair, and offered to share. I took a tiny tentative bite and passed. She could quaff it all. I just wanted caffeine. It was good to sit and chat for a quick hour before we had to head off to more meetings. Like to stop and breath and collect our thoughts. It helped that no one else sat down at that timing; everyone who came in bought takeaways.

A crazy busy quarter means if friends' schedules match for whatever reasons, I'd grab it. I can't quite fix leisurely meals in advance anymore. I'm working most nights. I either need to be on a call, on the email or be present at some discussion forum of sorts. Don't even dare to buy tickets to gigs or whatever, till a few days before the date. That's okay. Only for this quarter. I will still be able to catch the faeriefolk because somehow, our impromptu appointments will work out.

Later on, I was so tickled at dinner when pebsicle gave me exactly three cookies. They sat cutely in a little tub. Yay. She knows I'm not a cookie monster. I wouldn't mind one to taste, but not to have to eat the entire jar.

Linzer raspberry cookies. She baked a batch earlier and kindly distributed them to the friends. She called them "frumpy" because they didn't look good out of the oven. Who cares?! Left them overnight in the fridge and they tasted fine the next day. Shared it with the man who merrily nibbled two. The hazelnuts came through quite well.

Pebsicle emphasized that she used diabetic jam. Hahaha. No wonder the jam didn't taste like it was full of sugar. It's difficult to control sugar portions in jam unless a lot of attention is paid to it. The only way to do it a bit tangy even, is to pick raspberries fresh and stir them into jam over the stove, strictly controlling the amount of sugar put in. A pity we don't live in a country where we could just walk out and pick them berries.