Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The BFF's 37th

There was a theme going on for the bff's birthday dinner and drinks. Pink, and Hello Kitty. I should have known. My wardrobe has neither. I didn't even have pink varnish on the nails! Found her a pink birthday card. Not a milestone year. No need to do crazy drinking... or so she thought. This was like one of her many makan and drinks thingies over two weeks. Love having her in town.

First there was a filling dinner at Lollapalooza. The table adjourned to Jigger & Pony. I avoided the cocktails and that bottle of gin on the table and stuck to whisky, and sparkling water. We did rather civilized sips. I cringed when shots were ordered. Eh, I didn't instigate it. Three shots only for the birthday girl. A lovely dram of Plantation dark rum at ABV 73%, almost sweet; smelt lovely. Then a vile mix of sambucca or ouzo, vodka, and from the color, I believe, Jägermeister. Eioowwww. It was rounded off by a complimentary light sweet-ish cocktail; a very sweet gesture from the bar. Thank goodness the bar didn't do flaming drinks. My stomach churned as I watched her down the shots. The man just did those two weeks ago, way worse than what bff did. Hahaha! Oeh, they made me do that for a few years running. Their turn. *unsympathetic shrug (I'd better not spend my next few birthdays in any venue that serves alcohol.)

The birthday girl conceded defeat. Called it a night at 2am. I was in charge of ensuring that she got home fine. She didn't look like she needed someone to sit with her. Heheheheh. Trust me, I've seen her drink through the years! Woohoo. Packed the bff into an Uber and tracked her route all the way home. She was still texting people, and me. Okay lah, not drunk. Tipsy. Tipsy's fine. Hurhurhur. She woke up cool the next day at 9.30am. With a pounding headache and and queasy stomach. In time for lunch with her mom. Oooh. A celebration to her health and happiness for a year well lived, and to the next.

Happy 37th, darling. You're awesome. Love you much. xxxooo.

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