Saturday, May 09, 2015

Furniture Shopping with N

N randomly texted to see if I was near Tan Boon Liat Building because she wanted to check out the furniture stores to buy some shelves and cabinets. Perfect timing because I was finishing up a meeting 200 meters down the road. Heh. Strolled over on a hot hot afternoon to accompany her up and down 12 floors of spacious shops.

She had a list of shops to go into, referring to a digital copy of a professional brochure. Impressive. When we got to the shops, each had a hard copy brochure. Pretty cool. The shops must have banded together to produce it, along with gourmet deli The Providore's corporate office and retail shop on the fifth floor. Stocked up on dark chocolate bars from Bahen & Co. N found loads of pieces to purchase and some fine-tuning to be done to her initial ideas. I provided critical and frivolous comments of the various pieces. Heh. Not that I really care about furniture. I'm not house-proud that way. Everything can simply be mis-matched so long they belong to a boring color palette, preferably black, white, blue and grey. No difference from clothes. I dislike colors and patterns even in house furnishings.

It was definitely a fruitful trip for N. Then we got thirsty and decided to go for coffee. She had dinner plans, and I had more work to sort out. So the afternoon was a much needed interlude for me. Briefly contemplated lunch. But food was quickly forgotten when there was coffee. I'm not particularly sociable to begin with, and recently, while the work is fun, it has drained the last vestiges of armor against the pain of intense human interaction. Thankful for girlfriends. The caffeine is always welcomed, of course. Without that, I would have been really grouchy.

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