Saturday, May 23, 2015

Udang dan Kepala Ikan Buah Keluak

A precious tub of udang dan kepala ikan buah keluak. OMG. I like these flavors more than babi or ayam. Except very few commercial restaurants would do it, and it's too shameless to ask the friends to cook it. Unless they randomly offer to, like this tub. What an awesome gift. The tremendous amount of effort that went into cooking this one tub.

With a huge snapper fish head and prawns as rempah, the dish is no less rich and savory. Without meat of pork or chicken, the seafood lends a slightly lighter flavor. This tub used red grouper heads and the usual Tiger prawns. Loads of buah keluak. It was superbly well cooked.

One evening, we split the contents of the frozen tub into two- a bowl held fish head, and the other contained buah keluak and prawns. The contents were enough to feed everyone for dinner and lunch. Heated them in the steamer. The dishes looked like a mess of brown and black and not exactly colorful and appetizing. But they tasted SO GOOD. For me, this was a one-dish meal. More than sufficient to fill the tummy when brown rice was included. I didn't need additional vegetables or anything. Fish and gravy rocked fine.

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