Saturday, May 16, 2015

Prata for Supper

Since I don't have a driving license, I never bother to pick up the man at the airport when he comes in from work trips. That night, my last meeting ended at 10.30pm; I decided to be nice and took the last train (last connecting at Tanah Merah station at 11.10pm) out to Changi Airport to meet his flight. It had been a grueling trip for him. I was way early. The wait was negligible since it was an opportunity to catch up on leisurely reads after all the crazy hours spent on writing and reading not-so-fun work stuff.

The man's flight landed on time. Without checked luggage, he breezed through quickly and we hopped into a cab within 20 minutes of the plane's arrival on the tarmac. Love the efficiency of Changi Airport. It was a loooong 23-hour flight for him. But he was more hungry than exhausted. Since sleep was prioritized over food on the final leg home, supper was required at 3am.

Neither of us are bak chor mee people. Didn't bother with the supposedly famous stall at the basement foodcourt of Terminal 3. Skipped Changi Village and Old Airport Road Food Center. Went to Killiney Road's Nana Teh Tarik instead. The man sorely missed spices in a murtabak. I like its coin prata. Don't ask us for a comparison. We're not so on to hunt down the 'best' prata in town or whatever. (Here, refer to RERG's amazing comparison of 36 prata stalls in town.) We don't care about the 'best'. As long prata is made fresh, we're good. It's always a long wait for coin prata here. It is made only upon ordering, and I suppose at these tiny sizes, it can be a bit annoying to shape. Hurhurhur.

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