Saturday, June 13, 2015

Ban Leong Wah Hoe Seafood

A Sri Lankan crab steamed with garlic and egg white. 

Haven't been back to Ban Leong Wah Hoe Seafood (萬隆華和海鮮餐館) since last July! Well it takes time to round up troops to make a table of 10 in order to decimate its menu. Half the table live in the hood and the rest of us live an easy 20-minute-ride away. Found an evening where we were psyched to brave the crazy parking situation in the area and sat down for dinner.

It was oddly not as crowded as usual. We easily got our 8pm table and spied a few more empty ones when the early diners left. The servers looked less harassed than usual. The aunties taking orders even smiled at us. I mean, they're not usually rude. Might be a tad curt, but that's how they are. As long as they're efficient, give us our table and deliver the right orders of food to hungry stomachs, that's more than meeting the expectations at a standard zi char eatery that's been around for eons.

We skipped the fish and prawns. Ordered almost the whole menu including the fat and juicy oyster omelette (蠔煎) that held little starch and plenty of eggs. Went easy on the crabs. Only two (1kg-each) crabs for the table, done in chilli and steamed in garlic and egg white, accompanied by deep-fried mantou (Chinese buns, 饅頭). Ordered a plate of token carbs in the form of the eatery's signature stir-fried seafood mee sua. The meat-eaters ate their fill of king spare ribs (排骨王) and prawn paste chicken wings (蝦醬雞). Another totally satisfying meal that doesn't floor you with the MSG-buzz after.

The yummy signature seafood mee sua with a ton of quail eggs.

Ban Leong Wah Hoe Seafood (萬隆華和海鮮餐館)
122 Casuarina Road Singapore 579510 (no air-conditioning)
T: +65 6452 2824 (Reservations necessary)


wl said...

doesn't help that I'm reading this in the dead of the night. everything looks so good ! : ( boo also such a long way from bedok.

imp said...

Oops. Heeeeeee. You can replicate fried seafood mee sua or noodles!

D said...

i would always eat there at least once whenever i was back in sg. if not for the parking problem, i guess i would be there more often.

imp said...

D: the parking problems have probably increased. It's likely because of June school holidays now that the roads are less crowded. Normally, we have to go at 5.45 or 9pm. Anything in between is crazy. We usually have to park further and walk 15-20min to Ban Leong. Figured we would need to walk back. :p