Thursday, June 25, 2015

E's Birthday At Cafe Pal

[Cafe Pal has permanently closed on 12 March 2017.]

Waited for Corsage to get in from her well-deserved vacation to catch up on the happenings and also to celebrate E's birthday. Our usual 'tradition' of comfort food and warm companionship; conversation that is easy because we've known one another for years, understand various trigger points, bugbears, what motivate us and make one happy.

Corsage and I aren't hot about durians. My aversion to this local favorite might have increased after this 'bumper crop' because of the smells that assaulted me all hours of the day till I'm imagining the slight whiff of durians even when there's none in the vicinity. E is a huge fan; she loves the pungent fruit. She just had a huge merry durian party with the family, and thought we should go easy on the meals after. Hurhurhur.

Since we didn't feel like doing meat-thingies and we love spices, the birthday girl requested for a one-dish meal thingy at Cafe Pal. Alrighty. Luckily we made reservations because the cafe was completely full from 6.30pm onwards. Wahhh. I was looking forward to have its som tam again. It was odd that I only first tried it two weeks back. Never ordered som tam here or at Yhingthai Palace. Pretty good! It doesn't quite pack the full punch of spices, but it was definitely tingling-satisfying. Birthday girl satisfied a craving for Thai-style beef noodles and orange chiffon cake.

Happy birthday dear girl. You with the big smile and balloons. This. For the lightness of heart and strength in faith. Stay this way. xo

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