Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Father's Day 2015

The man looked up from the book he was reading, "Dad wants a what?"

I repeated, "A Nvidia Shield." We both rolled eyes. Dohh. So a Nvidia Shield was ordered as a gift of which half (the remotes) strangely arrived in time for Father's Day. The man's dad likes playing all his games. I suppose this is a natural want after the new 4K TV was set up. The dad was really pleased with all his fancy new gadgets.

The man and I refuse to go near video games because we have a problem with addiction. The moment we start on any game, it's impossible for us to put it down till we clear all levels. That, sometimes takes weeks. You know how it goes. Crysis. And I'll want to shoot or slash all zombies, monsters and anything that moves on the screen all day. Watched the trailer of Fallout 4; looked really good. :P

Took the parentals out to Father's Day dinner at Summer Palace. It wasn't crazy crowded and we didn't have to wait too long for food. Hurrah. For some reason, the parentals were really into soups that evening and had huge bowls of double-boiled fish maw thingies. There was of course a lump of abalone for each of us. Ordered vegetables and small portions of fish, and a lovely bowl of braised beef tendons. The folks like their dessert although they take it in moderation nowadays. At least everyone managed to share two small bowls of really tasty mango pudding.

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