Saturday, June 20, 2015

Grilled Stingray

When the friends fired up their grill, I opted for the stingray over cuts of rib-eye. Woohooo. The last time I had grilled sambal stingray was at Newton Food Center gazillion years ago. In fact, I haven't eaten stingray done in any other way. Haven't stepped foot in any beach destination that offers stingray on the menu either.

Home-grilled stingray is the best. We're lucky that the friends indulged us. They bothered to clean and prep the ray before grilling it for dinner. They soaked it thoroughly in a light brine of sorts. Mainly vinegar I think. There wasn't the least bit of fishy smell. Out of the grill, it was slightly charred with sambal. Ahhhhhh. It was perfect. I had unabashedly scooped out a big piece of stingray all to myself. Hurhurhur.

There were slices of ribeye too. Juicy. I took a few small cubes for tasting. Only three pieces of steaks  were grilled to share among five of us. The portions were just nice. Any more would have us groaning from too-full-stomachs. Pasta was also whipped up, lightly tossed with truffle oil and mushrooms. There was corn. OMG, the most amazingly sweet corn. LOVE. If they had fed me just pasta and corn, that would be enough too. So good. Stuffed my face full of food.

When we were chilling out after dinner, I could feel my brain's processing speed slow to virtually zero. That translated into- wasn't really absorbing what everyone was saying. Hahaha. Luckily there weren't serious discussions going on. Was just happy to float around. Also, ate two tiny frozen blobs of Japanese mango pudding.

Thank you for such a wonderful meal!


Larissa Lim said...


I have no photos boo :( SO I AM KOPING YOURS Heh.

imp said...

OH YAH> kope away. I should email you what I have. Very few photos only because I was more focused on....EATING.