Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Lunch With Missy

Missy knows that Y and I meet without her for coffee during the school term. So the moment school holidays came around, she wanted in on lunches too. Muahahaha. Okay, little girl. We made a date at Prego for lunch. She excitedly showed me her touch-screen camera, the controls, how she could shift the auto-focus and brighten photos. She stopped us from tucking in immediately when the food arrived, and shifted table items around, eagerly snapping photos. Oops. Y and I had this look as we stared at each other. Oh dear, what have we done? Never mind.

Missy is quite the lovely lunch companion. She's very used to hanging out at cafes, tea-time, dainty crockery and all that. She enjoys sitting with us at lunch, reading the menu and deciding what to eat. She doesn't get bored that way. If Y and I are chatting and she doesn't want to interrupt, then she asks for paper to draw and scribble on, usually setting picture riddles and questions for us to guess, like Pictionary, except with a kinder timing.

Ahhh, this little doll. Six months as a Primary One student, and she has changed so so much. There's a certain jauntiness in her facial features, and a subtle shift in this greater confidence when making decisions. It's very easy to expect more of her because she feels so much older than her seven years. We forget that she's still so very young. I'm secretly very happy that she still wants Aunty Imp to hold her hand as we stroll the streets. Don't grow up too fast, sweetie pie.

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