Thursday, June 04, 2015

Sandwich Saigon

While I know and have tried almost all much-raved about Vietnamese eateries in town, I'm not taken by their version of bánh mì or phở. Many bowls hold additional MSG, which is really unnecessary. The eateries can't seem to get the consistency of the bread right or the soup base to taste like what I'm looking for. It's probably a lot to do with personal preferences. Tastebuds have been spoilt by the high standards churned out from the friends' kitchens and what we've tracked down in Vietnam away from the usual tourist spots.

For two years now, the friends and I have been going to Sandwich Saigon for easy lunches on both week days and weekends. This is our default joint for satisfying bits of Vietnamese food. Kinda comfort food. It serves up fantastic bánh mì for both omnivores and vegetarians. I'm particular about bánh mì. Love its crisp baguette and generous ingredients. I've tried a few different filling of bánh mì on the menu. Each definitely hits a spot. 

The eatery is tiny, but if you go in a group of four, there'll be enough tables and something on the menu for everyone. It offers a number of seafood (mainly prawns) and vegetarian options for its rice dishes, noodles and gỏi cuốn. Its bún is good, and does pretty all right bowls of phở; am not a fan of either type of noodles. I want mỳ Quảng and it's not likely going to found on a menu anytime soon. I still dunno why it doesn't seem popular outside of central Vietnam. It's okay. As long as I know Sandwich Saigon still serves up fantastic bánh mì, that will do nicely.


D said...

was the spring roll there good?

imp said...

Yup. Way better than Thai Express and Nam Nam.