Saturday, June 06, 2015

This Will Destroy You

After missing This Will Destroy You's (TWDY) two-night-sold-out gigs at Home Club (now Canvas) in 2013, I wasn't about to miss them again this year. Mighty glad the venue was changed from The Substation's theatre to Zouk. I hate the lack of ventilation and non-existent air-conditioning at The Substation's tiny theatre. Zouk is much more comfortable.

Texan, instrumental rock. Nope, not going to compare them to the other Texan band whose gig I caught in Hong Kong. Besides scoring for Hollywood films, TWDY have largely kept to their brand of rock. As much as the band eschews the term, it's what it is. It isn't just instrumental. I didn't like their sound in 2013. This new album 'Another Language' in 2014 is much better. Less ambient, more layers. I really like 'New Topia' and was glad to hear it live. In the usual manner of post-rock bands at live gigs, not many words were uttered. Right from the start, the band filled up the venue with their brand of soundscapes.

However, I was underwhelmed by the band live. Dunno why I expected more. Sure, I'm always appreciative of live shows and all the effort. But it was gentle and I wasn't hoping for that. I still prefer TWDY's older albums. Their sound has shifted since 'Young Mountain' (2006) and 'Tunnel Blanket' (2011). So good to hear 'Quiet' and 'Little Smoke' for the encore.

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