Thursday, July 09, 2015

A Morning Smoothie

The man toggles between overnight cold oats and smoothies for breakfast. I mainly skip breakfast. If I have to, it's either granola or muesli, eggs or a smoothie. UHH, I've skipped breakfast all my life. Nobody, not even my tyrannical mother managed to force me to take a morning meal that I haven't hurled back right up. I don't think I've been less healthy for the lack of nutrients in the morning, or god forbid, turned dumb. My stomach takes food when it feels like it.

Recently it has been loads of smoothies since I get up too early and do too many things before lunch. Also, I ran out of awesome granola, and am refusing to buy from the stores or horrors- bake some. Hahaha. The old Braun blender squeaked and died from making too many smoothies and juices daily for two years. We now split the gadgets into one fast Vitamix blender and one Hurom slow juicer. Let's see how long these supposedly better replacements last.

As much as I love most vegetables raw and cooked, I don't fancy vegetable juices. Eeeks. I'm fine with fruit juices but in moderation as those are still sweet by my standards. Smoothies to me, are effectively dessert. Well, it's just chockfull of vitamins. It is both a dessert and often, a meal. Vegetable smoothies are okay if the 'right' ingredients are used. Somehow, I stay away from fruit smoothies. Without vegetables, those are too sweet.

The thing about a smoothie- any ingredient goes. This one holds Greek yoghurt, milk, kale, chia seeds, steel-cut oats, avocados, banana, raw coconut oil. It's almost savory but refreshingly crisp. I love them cold. Don't talk to me about not doing cold drinks or whatever. I've drunk cold milk and juices since I was a baby. No issues there. The yoghurt and coconut oil kill that sickening veggie-juice taste and smell. The man likes having his smoothie with peanut butter. I don't. Some people would greatly advocate adding gula melaka to...everything. So yeah, you could probably gula-melaka the heck out of a vegetable smoothie. Don't like the color of a mainly vegetable smoothie? Swop out kale for any sort of berries and you get a glass in a purplish or pink hue.

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