Thursday, July 30, 2015

Cakes :: Little Favors by Ethel

So we shimmied down to Little Favors by Ethel's pop-up over two weekends at the atrium of Orchard Central mall. Bought loads of cakes for the man and the friends. The man's never been so thrilled as these few weeks. It was great to get slices of different flavors. It'll be crazy to buy a few whole cakes just to taste. We can't throw that many dessert parties or find enough humans to share cakes with over two consecutive weekends.

Although Ethel does send out her cakes to shops here and there, nothing beats seeing a full range like that on display, and the exciting different flavors. Doubt there'll be many pop-ups in future. Ethel's going to culinary school and can only do this 'part-time', i.e. accept some cake orders over email over the weekend or something. Check out their facebook and instagram for the latest updates. The pop-up's still happening over THIS FINAL WEEKEND at Orchard Central mall. Go!

The past two weekends were fantastic in tantalizing us with all the colors at Little Favors by Ethel's cheerful dessert table. Presentation is always important. Ethel took lots of effort in creating rustic gardenscapes, and ensured the itty bites flowed well into a welcoming table.

The man merrily lapped up all the cakes, especially the Millionaire's Cake of chocolate sponge, vanilla cream, dark chocolate, shortbread crumbs, et cetera. And the Cookies & Cream. Those were full-on chocolate and rich cream.

He also loved the Lime, Raspberry & Coconut, Rose & Pistachio. There was a Spiced Apple & Speculoos which many liked. I didn't mind the apple pie filling and spices, but it held too much cream, and my much-hated caramel sauce.

Earl Grey Lemon Bundt
You know me. I'm not that big on sugar and cakes. Stuck to tasting portions and little bites. Not even swayed by chocolate. I'm one of those who're not into nutella. Heh. Don't mind light sponge/chiffon cakes, and am okay with Bundt cakes as long as the sugar portions are lowered.

Bundt cakes can easily be least sweet of all. Importantly, they don't hold cream in between layers. The bulk of the sweets could go to the toppings of either frosting or icing, and one could scrape them off instead of quaffing the whole thing.

There was a very good Citrus Carrot Bundt with Housemade Granola, topped with wildflower honey cream cheese frosting. My favorite of the lot is the Earl Grey Lemon Bundt. It was quite the perfect foil to a brew of Sumatra Mandheling. No thanks to Ethel and her gleeful experiments, I've had way too many cakes these two months than the whole of last year.

Citrus Carrot Bundt with Housemade Granola
topped with wildflower honey cream cheese frosting

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