Thursday, July 02, 2015

Crabs and Cake

Celebrated T's birthday at 3 Crab Delicacy, or 3号. It's been serving up fairly consistent zi char since 2003. Its crabs are good, but its other dishes are just as decent. For some reason, we were really into its stir-fried dry crab beehoon that night. In addition to a version in milky soup and other dishes, we ordered...three large plates. However, we didn't demolish that many crabs. Just three crabs for a table of 12. The crab-eaters went conservative. Then we adjourned to the bar for the eating of the birthday cake and light drinks. It was a week day after all. No one intended to get sloshed.

Drinks were as expected, gentle. YAYY. I just got well from a bad cold over the weekend of rushing around, and this night of the party was after a long day at work that started at 7am. So while I was hungry and ate loads, I didn't want to touch much alcohol. Literally had two sips of beer and abandoned the glass. As much as we wanted to call it an early night and everyone whining about an early start the next day, most of us left the bar at 1.30am. Oof.

This night wasn't exactly a surprise dinner or party. Pfffft. T kinda knew that there was going to be something, just not sure exactly what. So we went for the familiar. An easy zi char dinner, and a get-together of friends at the usual whisky bar. He declares that it's really difficult to surprise him after he plans so many surprise parties for everyone else. Just you wait. We don't have to do alcohol parties. One fine day we're going to kidnap you and stuff you into a beach villa somewhere.

There're many dessert fiends among this group of friends. Those couldn't make dinner, made drinks or vice versa. Birthday boy T loves cakes and ice-cream. Had to have a delicious cake for him. His partner took care of that. She asked for chocolate, peanut butter and everything in the larder to be put into the cake. Loads of effort went into organizing everything.

THE CAKE WAS EPIC. Proudly baked by the amazing Little Favors by Ethel. I understood she also threw in Snickers bars. Mind blown. Ethel does amazing desserts and tries to lower the sugar level in the 'cake'/sponge portions for people like me. The topping was kept for those with a sweet tooth. T isn't that old and we could place the required number of candles onto the cake. Yup, all of them. 37 tall cheerful sticks. Hurhurhur.

To you, dude. To your 37th and many more. 

Said epic cake from Little Favors by Ethel.

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