Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Henri Charpentier at Dempsey

While desserts don't excite me, there're probably only two cake flavors in the world that I do like- a Guinness-chocolate cake (that should hold more Guinness) and a strawberry shortcake. Clearly, these cakes I'm to eat can't hold too much sugar. If you really want to know, as a child, alongside insisting on owning all toys from Transformers and M.A.S.K, I did like Strawberry Shortcake and Custard. o.O

I remember Tokyo's strawberry shortcakes as generally decent, with the differentiating factor in the sugar level and the lightness of the sponge. The last I tried Henri Charpentier's version at Ginza, it was good. I didn't bother about Henri Charpentier at Dempsey because I forgot it would also have strawberry shortcake. Then the friends mentioned it. I was mildly curious. I understand that the food is rubbish. So we went for dessert.

Nobody wanted the crêpe suzette, the mille-feuille or the fancy items. They simply wanted cake. All right. Cakes arrived at the table. Matcha Opera, Blueberry Cheesecake, and a Verrine Mango, apparently made with Miyazki mangoes specially selected from Kyushu.

Then, there were TWO Strawberry Shortcakes. Hurhurhur. Each slice is thick, but it sits snugly in your palm. Rather small. One wouldn't be enough. Obviously. Hahahah. Oooh. IT IS VERY NICE. Ridiculously light sponge. I would come back to eat it. It's one of the lightest I've eaten. Fantastically whipped fresh cream and amazingly seemingly low on sugar. I was very impressed. The other places that do a decent strawberry shortcake tend to go heavy on the sugar, and a tad too dense on the sponge. (For example Pâtisserie GlacéDulcet & StudioThe Shop at Mezza9, Four Leaves Bakery and Sun Moulin Bakery.)

All the sugar and people to share with. This was a rare treat for the man since he refuses to eat dessert on his own. Although he groaned and lamented that the extra calories spoilt his gym routine, we knew he was secretly thrilled. Come on! You go to the gym. Just eat and do an extra hour of work-out. Pfffft. Or plank longer. That afternoon, the man was definitely in seventh heaven.


jo said...

Late comment: When i saw THAT pile of garlic in your chicken rice post, for a moment i thought #impiecooks2015 - chicken rice conquered! hehe.

And Japanese SOS ftw! The lightweight cream makes it feel less sinful than it should be. Hahaha.

imp said...

Heh. The family cooks chicken rice often enough for me to not want to cook it. And, chickens.

Woot. Tell me if you know of anywhere that has a good not sweet strawberry shortcake!