Thursday, August 06, 2015

A Jar of Bhutanese Honey

The girlfriend returned from Bhutan and brought me a precious jar of honey from Bumthang. This is right smack in the middle of the first harvest season of the year for the beekeepers. It's all the more valuable because the honey produced is insufficient and few will sell to run-of-the-mill tourists.

It's been ages since my three-month-sojourn trekking through Bhutan. It was the most magical experience ever, right up there with camping out amongst the Norwegian fjords. Not in any hurry to re-visit, although it has been a decade and certainly many changes wrought, and would be worth a second trip. But Bhutan isn't a land of fast-paced changes, and that's exactly what's charming about it.

The sweetness of honey is all right for me in small doses. It's refreshing in a drink of chilled lemon-honey infusion. But since I'm completely averse to all forms of tea, leaves, blends and infusions still, I take it with water. Honey is also welcomed in the form of balancing the sourness of my breakfasts or lunches in the form of unflavored Greek yoghurt, nuts and sour berries.

I like raw organic honey and also take the filtered no-pollen ones like this jar from Bumthang. Something about its flavors makes it unforgettable. Glad to taste it again. Ahhhh... more precious than gold per ounce. Opened it and drizzled a little over a recent breakfast. While savoring the honey, I also appreciated the girlfriend's thoughtfulness, and relived awesome Bhutan travel memories.

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