Saturday, September 05, 2015

丽江 :: 走山路

Walks are always welcomed. They take us to see new sights, sounds and smells. Sometimes we meander through the easy paths at the villages. For those, walk fast. Don't stop at any gates or doors. Most households own a dog. The dogs are ferocious. OH. YUNNAN DOESN'T EAT DOGS OKAY. In most of Shangri-La, Lijiang, and Dali, dogs are pets and guard-dogs. I see gorgeous cross breeds, tiny chihuahuas and terriers, and lovely malamutes, huskies and german shepherds.

We have dry rations in the backpacks. In case we get lost or some silly crap in the locals' backyard. A sugar boost is also needed during these hours. But food like hard-boiled eggs and maize are a great idea if you could be bothered to cook it first. They keep well for the whole day in these temperatures. Even if they turn cold, they're still crunchy. Love those eggs and super-sweet maize. It's fun snacking on them. Biodegradable too. We pack our own garbage down the mountains. Right now, these mountains are still pristine, the trails mainly used by villagers. But as the area gets more tourists, they might not care so much and the few pieces of plastic junk will pile up to become 'garbage heaps'.

No walk is ever a good one unless we get all muddy. Wooohooo. Often we climb up the hills and into the mountains, often swinging by shrubs and rocks, and jumping across ledges. If you look at where you land and time the jumps, it's much easier than sinking into mud, animal poop and sharp rocks.

Our clothes are all trekking gear. Dri-fit sort. Thin but provides insulation. Perfect for us when we pack a month's worth of stuff into a backpack and a cabin-sized suitcase. We wash clothes in the nights and they dry by the morning. Mud, no problem. It cakes and falls off when dried. We don't even bother cleaning our shoes except stomp on the ground to shake off excess mud. It'll either fall off on the next walk or accumulate even more. Hahahaha.

Love hanging out beyond Lijiang's Old Towns. Those are really grating. The surrounding villages provide a respite, each possessing distinct characters. If no one is hosting us, we always manage to lunch at a random local eatery before continuing the trek to the next village across a few hilltops. The scenery that opens up at each turn is always worth all the effort. So much green, so much land. The vastness of all that space is mind-boggling.


coboypb said...

I doubt I will go for such adventurous, interesting trip. Thanks for sharing your experiences here. I enjoy reading them :)

tuti said...

big EGG!!

imp said...

coboypb: i haven't done a trip like that in a while, although these were really frequent a decade ago. Heh. On a vacation, i almost always choose mountains or the sea. Need to at least like them to head out there. But must train first lah.

tuti: tasty too.