Wednesday, September 09, 2015


I've always thought Chinese songs to be melodramatic and super emo; they can make you more depressed than you already are. On one of those long drives, the driver blasted this song non-stop. By the fourth refrain, I could regurgitate the lyrics. The girlfriend likes the melody and lyrics, and hums it constantly. Now it's stuck in my head, dammit. I can tinkle this out on the piano already. Grrrrr.

I instantly knew why and how the song is apt in a way...for her. Also, I've got the perfect photo to complement it. While trekking in Shangri-La's snow mountains, a flock of birds suddenly flew off. Luckily the camera was in hand with the lens cover off, ready to shoot. HURRAH. Took a few shots. Birds, snow mountains, this song. Could so imagine it.

自你离开以后, 从此就丢了温柔.
等待在这雪山路漫长, 听寒风呼啸依旧.
一眼望不到边, 风似刀割我的脸.
等不到西海天际蔚蓝, 无言着苍茫的高原.
还记得你答应过我不会让我把你找不见, 可你跟随那南归的候鸟飞得那么远.
爱象风筝断了线, 拉不住你许下的诺言.
我在苦苦等待雪山之巅温暖的春天, 等待高原冰雪融化之后归来的孤雁.
爱再难以续情缘, 回不到我们的从前. 
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