Saturday, September 12, 2015

General Election 2015

You're cute this Sep 11,
Google Doodle SG.

Headed to the polls to cast my vote. I'm thrilled at being able to vote for the first time. (Presidential Elections don't count.) There hasn't been a contested election in my GRC since I became an eligible voter. It's also the first General Election in 50 years where every seat is contested.

That thrill quickly gave way to major sian-ness because the contesting party in my GRC wasn't exactly what I was hoping for. I still had to faithfully do my homework to rationalize my decision on September 11th. Yeah, good on you for standing. That's courage and conviction for the rest of us who have no guts, inclination or determination to do so. BUT HOR, can don't make it so juvenile or not? Seriously. The system is already unfair to contesting parties. The entire strange GRC system, the confusing ever-changing electoral boundaries; nine short days of campaigning, lack of televised debates between candidates from all parties, degeneration into name-calling and accusations, etc, have made the entire process seem like an exercise in lip service. Except votes are real and it is a democratic process.

And all these Facebook updates sagely advising 'friends' and all to "VOTE WISELY", I wanted to throttle someone. The last time an acquaintance told me that by way of a parting shot when our conversation had no bearing on politics and #GE2015, and held an odd tone, I replied with "YUP. I'm voting for WISELY, the new party." STOP TELLING ME THAT. It's the most damn patronizing phrase ever wtf.

I'd love to see a coalition government. In this day and age, it's inconceivable that a single-party dominant government can hold the entire country's mandate. I don't want a system like America's or England's. Neither do I want to be anywhere like China or ermmm...North Korea. So balls to the non-incumbent candidate who rudely suggested that on national television. Am cautious about the Nordic model because of the double-edged sword that comes with generous welfare policies. Dunno what my countrymen think. We'll see. Singapore is capable of forging a government we want. Otherwise, where would 50 years of excellent education have led us then? Every little percent counts in an election, I suppose. The results aren't a surprise. For better or worse, the people have spoken, loudly.

Is this an outcome Singapore wants? I suppose. Sui generis. 83 seats to incumbent and majority party; 6 seats to The Workers' Party by a narrow margin; a 69.86% mandate to the incumbent. But there're a few more elections yet for me to witness, and hopefully vote in. Every year from now for the next decade will decide the direction we're headed, and how the nation and we, as a people will commemorate SG100 in 2065.

Voting took all of 10 minutes.