Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Playing Monopoly Deal

Very nice to be able to catch Missy before her short one-week school holidays ended. Went out for a bit of cycling on a day when the haze didn't seem too bad. Cycling didn't require that much energy. It was lovely to be out in the open.

The haze didn't irritate us too much early in the morning. But it got uncomfortable outdoors after a bit. The heat and humidity weren't killers; the haze compounded it. (Yah, checked against PM2.5 readings.) Called it a day after 45 minutes and headed indoors. Luckily we did because the winds changed direction and blew in the haze heavy and smoky.

Missy is totally hooked on Monopoly Deal, courtesy of her parents. The cards are portable and Missy was super excited to introduce this game to me. Cool. Never even heard of the game till now. So we played many many rounds of it over drinks then lunch. Hahaha.

It was a completely different gameplay from the usual Monopoly we know. Fairly sure this game will be played rather differently with adults, with four being the optimal number for quick finishes. In these rounds with Missy and Y, I wasn't playing to win lah, more of letting Missy see how we could strategize and how she didn't have to be nice and not make us pay rent. Hahaha. In this game, money is the least useful to us, even when seeking rent is part of it.


D said...

monopoly deal used to be our family's favourite game too. takes much less time to complete a game than the monopoly board game. ;P

imp said...

I just discovered how snappy fun it is. Oof.