Friday, October 16, 2015

Baking a Blue Cod

I rarely buy fish at the supermarkets because they don't seem fresh enough. However, a casual stroll at one resulted in a purchase of a superbly fresh New Zealand blue cod or known as a sand perch. Literally pounced on it. There were only two displayed out on the ice. Looked really good. The guy manning the fish counter de-scaled and gutted it nicely. Didn't have to do anything at home except to cook it.

Decided to brine it in kombu for 10 minutes then baked it. A fat 1-kg fish required about 30 to 35 minutes in the oven at 180°C to 190°C. But you must watch it carefully. The man stuck the meat thermometer into it so that he knew it was done at 57°C. Why bother? I grew up with fish. I simply stared at the color of the flesh turning from pink to white-ish. The fish was thoroughly scored so that it cooked evenly.

It was perfectly baked. Plump and juicy. Decimated it. Perfect for a light dinner with stir-fried baby kai lan on the side. FEAST. #impieCooks2015

The man was in Bali for a long weekend at a stag party and had the entire gamut of sambal belado with his meals. He returned with a special craving for it. Rolled my eyes. I always have sambal belado in the fridge; he didn't seem that enthusiastic before this. Stirred up a batch of sambal belado at the side. Heeee. My fridge is never without sambal-something. That went swimmingly with the fish.


coboypb said...

Yummy 😋

fernoftheforest79 said...

Looks so good!

imp said...

coboypb: oven! easy.

fern: fish is fresh, so it's super tasty. doesn't take any sort of effort. i like this kind of 'cooking'. heh.