Thursday, October 29, 2015

Getting a Gift for the MIL

Went shopping with the man for a birthday present for the man's mom. Allocated 90 minutes to find something for her. One hour is also about all we could tahan going around the shops to find an item. Nowadays, most items are purchased off Amazon or whichever online shop. I could have done the shopping myself, but once in a bit, the man didn't mind tagging along to the mall.

It's really not easy to shop for the MIL. Wanted to get her a brooch. However, it was too late to order or customize anything. So it had to be whatever ready stock the shops had. Bad season for ready-made brooches. Not many designs available. Had to change our plans at the last stop for the night. Looked at bracelets instead of brooches. Found something dainty, fun and practical- a 'Tiffany T wire bracelet' that didn't have a complicated clasp to wrestle with. Okay that was it! That's the one. Plus their smallest size is the perfect fit on her wrist. Checked it against mine.

The design came in white gold, gold and rose gold; plain or with diamonds. Not that many options. I definitely don't dig the diamonds or rose gold. But it's for the man's mom lah. She loves rose gold and all things sparkly. So the Tiffany T wire bracelet of rose gold and diamonds was definitely in order. It could be worn alone or she could stack them with her other va-va-voom bracelets too.

The MIL wore it out for another birthday celebration with the extended family. It does seem that she loves it. :)


M. said...

Simple and classy - great choice!

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