Friday, October 09, 2015

Missy Turns 7!

Since Missy laboriously keyed in her birthday into my calendar, she always scrolls through to ensure that her birthday stays firmly scheduled year on year. Yah lah, little girl. You've set it on my schedule to infinity. This year, a full month before October, she browsed my calendar and flashed a smug little grin when she saw the date locked in.

BUT, we can't do the uhh 'skip school' thing anymore to go play. Missy's officially a proper Primary One schoolgirl. So what did Aunty Imp do? Toggled the schedule and made sure I returned to town in time to shamelessly crash her party in school at recess. No haze. The day dawned rainy and cool, and turned blue and sunny. Reprieve. Gorgeous skies.

Goodie bags were packed for Missy's classmates. Y arranged for a big ice-cream cake that was gleefully devoured by the children. She took Missy's favorite bear along, so I also took one of mine that the little girl favors. Two bears attended her school party. But they had to quietly sit in a corner. Missy couldn't act all too cute in front of her classmates. Hahahaha. She gotta be cool! She must have thought us absolutely embarrassing.

And so, with a missing front tooth, Missy is seven.


coboypb said...

It must have been a happy memorable day for Missy, the children and the adults :)

imp said...

i think the children were thrilled. plus Children's Day celebrations all the way. heh.