Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Mr T & Bibik Belachan

I was super pleased to be tasked with sorting out catering logistics for the wedding lunch reception after the church ceremony. It's always preferable to make myself useful. Minion duties are calming. And well, GOOD FOOD. I got to check out the two sets of cuisines before the guests dove into the sumptuous spread of spicy Indian and Peranakan dishes. Hurrah.

Gleeful that I could wear flats and pants in the day. Had a job that involved running around. Not needing to put on a pretty dress was welcomed. Making sure everything was ready for the bridal couple and guests at lunch was priority.

The man also tumbled back from New Delhi in time to stand with the groom at the altar as best man. He even had a simple mehndi design done on one hand because of some team-building event. AIYAH. I also wanted henna art on my hands. But too late. :( Obviously I don't think about things like that as event prep or whatever fashion stuff. Was more concerned with running through logistical scenarios in my mind and chasing for information I wanted. On that note, the bride also pooh-poohed the need for purses. She simply held her phone all the way through. Not that there was anything particularly urgent cropping up at work. But yes, a phone is more useful than a purse. Hurhurhur.

Managed to pop home for a refreshingly cold shower before the evening festivities. Needed some quiet amidst the chatter. The bride changed out of her hand-sewn sarong kebaya and hand-beaded kasut manek into a glitter-glam hand-stitched lehenga choli. Dinner didn't required any input from me except to give a speech about the bride and bridegroom. Wah win lor. There was a speech from the best man, but not the bridesmaid. Bit of a pressure there. But all right, didn't dish the dirt on either. Heeeheee.

It was so lovely to see Mr T and Bibik Belachan pledge their love and commitment to each other. To this beautiful beginning of your marriage, and the glorious creating of your happy-ever-after.

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