Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Books & Beer #33

This traveling bookstore has completed its last stop for 2015 in the form of Books & Beer #33 at TAP. It's also my first time hopping in! Not that I don't know about it, but for the four years it has gone on, none of the dates matched, till this one.

Rustled up 20 books between us to be placed on the shelves to be swopped at TAP. The man didn't allow me to touch his bookshelves. Clever move. Our reading preferences rarely cross and we can't share books. I'd have merrily thrown out three-quarters of his titles, as he would do to mine. Muahahahaha.

Ran into many friends and it was a great to chat over beer and lemonade. Book clubs do it regularly, as with informal gatherings among friends centered around a certain book. I rarely join either. Both require people to be somewhat sociable, and I'm not. They're too intense for me. I'm more comfortable reading reviews online and reading what I want, and not discussing aloud why I like or dislike a book. It's quite personal. Hence book swaps like this feel better. No conversations necessary unless one chooses to be friendly.

We hoped our selections were good-enough for others to quickly grab. Spied our 'The Tiger's Wife', 'The Crane Wife' and 'The Panopticon' going to new homes in the tote bags. Heh. Books are given away for all sorts of reasons. There would always be strange non-fiction, badly written self-help books and weird stuff left behind. But there were some decent ones too. Between the man and I, we found three titles. BFF took one and was happy. It was such an enjoyable afternoon.

Thanks for doing what you do, good people of Books & Beer!

Clearly, I didn't take Anita Brookner's 'Hotel Du Lac', 1984.
Undecided about Tarun J Tejpal's mind-boggling 'The Alchemy of Desire', 2005.
I claimed Christopher Brookmyre's 'A Tale Etched in Blood and Hard Black Pencil', 2006.

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